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Our Value

All the Expertise You Need.

At Marquee Benefits, we take a creative, customized approach when assessing your employee benefits program and we look at all options for improving quality and cost effectiveness.

We examine your benefits philosophy and objectives as an organization, define your ideal benefits program and potential cost drivers, with a view to finding innovative ways of saving you money while ensuring program quality.

What you can expect:
  • Your business is never static and neither is our service offering.
  • We have solid credentials with more innovative benefit options than other firms.
  • You and your employees are informed and engaged with "lunch 'n learn" sessions.
  • Your plan is tailored and your risk is evaluated and mitigated
  • Our personal approach helps your employees feel like engaged consumers in their plan.
  • Our breadth of services extends to retirement and financial planning for organizations and individuals.

Contact Us

(705) 725-1559

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