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  • Geneviève Lagacé-Gore

Keeping it Together! Episode #5 Company Culture

There is a direct connection between a business owner or leader's personal wellness and their company's culture - it's a mirror.

A business will only be as healthy as its leadership and when a company's culture is struggling it takes a toll on the owners and leaders, usually in the form of HR issues (absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover, mistakes, accidents, grievances, etc).

In this conversation we discuss the barriers business owners and leaders face in addressing their company culture, even when they know it's a priority. We share our personal experiences in healthy and toxic workplaces and offer many (FREE) resources and strategies that business owners and leaders can use to diagnose the current state of their company culture.

Our goal is to equip our fellow business owners and leaders to be able to make the best decisions about how and where to invest in their company's culture to get maximum results.

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