Most people know about the many benefits of self care - improved immunity, increased positive thinking and decreased susceptibility to stress, depression and anxiety.

For business owners and leaders, however, it can be especially difficult to focus on self-care when juggling so many competing priorities. In this conversation, we share some of the health data that reinforces the need for business owners and leaders to pay attention to their personal wellness while normalizing the obstacles that get in our way of doing so.

We also share some of our personal experiences with self-care and burnout and offer some of the tools and resources that we've found helpful along the journey.

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Join us in our conversation!

This is a series of recorded conversations about why we need to reframe the topic of self-care from a being a reward to being a requirement.

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or leader who is struggling to prioritize yourself while keeping your company going? We get it because we’re also business owners and have had to juggle to keep it all together too.

Our goal is to share our resources and perspectives on topics related to all aspects of personal wellness to help our fellow business owners and leaders thrive as people. So that they can support their companies and employees to flourish.

Co-hosted by Geneviève Lagacé-Gore from Marquee Benefits and Jackie Faulkner from Thrive State

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  • Geneviève Lagacé-Gore

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